what's up?


i've been binge watching game of thrones. never saw it before, except for bits and pieces online. stayed up late on friday before i remembered i was going to the viejitos show early in the morning. up to the second season now...

was already running on a few hours sleep; went to the fair on thursday. yup, won an honorable mention yet again. always a bridesmaid...i'll post links to the pictures i entered at the bottom of this post. if i remember...

surprised i was conscious early this morning, and actually got up at six. would have happily rolled over and slept a few more hours. but i got up and headed out to the show. my better half carried out the roll over plan and stayed home.

arrived there about sevenish. more empty than i had expected at that hour, but plenty there to start shooting. weather was perfect, cool and overcast. and mostly stayed that way during the whole time i was there.

took lots of pictures, actually talked to several people, which was nice. i think i stayed at least five hours and managed to burn through one battery on my camera, which i don't do very often.

viejitos everywhere...there were many chapters of viejitos clubs that showed up, which was great. i think the farthest i saw was from coachella. also, a few other clubs, more than i can remember, but off the top of my head: old memories, old style, groupe, bomb life, q-vo, solitos, old traditions, and a few more i don't remember.

many, many bombs, so i was happy. good show. not quite as many cars as last year, but enough for me.

i have several that i need to get up here for people who asked, and took time to chat. first one up, is this convertible. only shot i have of it. thought i had another, but i guess not. anyway, if the owner didn't lose my card, i've posted it here if he has any interest in buying a print. sorry, i do not remember which club it was with.

i think he was the guy telling me that his daughter had gotten into photography, and was amazed at how expensive it was...his daughter's equipment was several thousand dollars. yup. it is. so buying a print, is nothing to you, but to me, it goes toward that next piece of glass, or just getting what i have fixed.

i didn't forget. if you do get to the fair, these pics are hanging there until august 10: this, this, this, this, this (this one won), and this.