what's up?


been seeing a lot of classic cars driving past the house lately. my own little car show from my window. my better half said like nine old cars in a row drove by this afternoon, heading uptown. cool, but my question is, how is it you're cruisin' and not workin'?

speaking of my better half, this was his choice of cars i shot in pomona. i have too many, and i just can't decide. was either this one or a shiny, chopped buick eight.

got a picture framed for the fair. my better half was uptown, and picked it up for me from the framers'. never used him before; but he was cheaper than fastframe. not perfect, but good enough. my better half was out picking up lunch for his mom, so he ended up sitting with it in the restaurant, balancing it on his feet, hanging onto the hanging wire, while simultaneously trying to text me at work. the thing wasn't wrapped up or corner protected, so he was basically displaying it to everyone. apparently, he got lots of attention. sorry about that d.

his mom is doing much better. so much so, that he is planning on going to rialto on saturday for the run whatcha brung show for a few hours. should be fun.