what's up?

still not early enough

got my ass out of bed at 5ish last sunday, so i could head out to the pomona fairgrounds for the car show and swap meet before the day heated up. by the time i drove over, sat in the line of cars heading up the hill, parked out in the plural zed alpha of the parking lot and walked over to the show cars by the grandstands, it was already 7:30am. sheesh.

but damn. so many cars. i got going quickly and shot a bunch before i had to take a break from the sun and have breakfast. and cold water. trying to cut back on the coca-cola. and oh how i want to have one. like all the time. probably why i'm so tired all the time now.

anyway, aside from working too much, i spent the other day just sorting through my shots. i got a lot of nice ones, which is both good and bad. i have so many i like, i can't decide what to post. 

this fleetline was actually my first shot of the day. used my old wide angle lens to start with, then switched later in the day to the new one. i think this is one of the bridge town oldies sgv cars, but i could be wrong. they were parked at this end of the grandstand, but there were a few that weren't showing any club affiliation mixed in.

i do love a nice fleetline.

gotta get there earlier next time...what's that, get up at like 3 in the morning...errrr.