what's up?

choppy days are here again

it's so late. had issues logging in here.

long week already, and it's only tuesday. and so very busy at work, i've already put in a couple of overtime days. more to come for the next several weeks. will keep me out of trouble right up until the chicano park show in april, then back for more following that weekend. hamster on a wheel all right...

so quick recap: did three car shows this weekend, though not necessarily all that i wanted to go to. i was extremely fatigued, and i'm suprised i even got out of bed to go anywhere. but i did, and i'm glad, or i would have missed a couple of very good shows.

saturday, got out to the chino corn feed run. liked it a lot. i can't judge the numbers, but there were at least a couple hundred cars up and down the main street and in the parking lots and lawn of city hall and the area surrounding the civic plaza.

bonus that it was just the perfect weekend weatherwise: overcast and cool. so no harsh shadows until later in the day when i was about done anyway, and i didn't die of heat exhaustion.

problem with doing several shows is that i got so many pics, and having to copy them over, back them up, label them, etc. takes a lot of time. and then i'm running out of space on the puter again, so having to back stuff off of that as well. and then deciding which to post...

my better half liked this buick, so it's mostly here for him. he was home all weekend taking care of his mother. good boy. greggie loves his mama...greggie loves his mama...

ok, tired and going to bed for five hours of sleep.