what's up?

goldie but goodie

i used to go to the broiler most every wednesday for a couple of years. and then my office moved farther south, and it made the drive too difficult with traffic to get there so often.

and when i do get there, most often there are only the regulars there, or some low rider clubs, or simply not much.

now the back lot has the back exit closed off and it's dark back there. and there's just a different vibe with the people that are there.

probably all in my head. they never know what to think about me anyway.

i just felt like getting out and shooting some pics, so endured the traffic last month, and drove on up there. it was kinda busy up at the very front. saw a few people i kinda know and said hi.

saw this truck drive in and park while i was shooting some other stuff. saw that the hood had gone up and the owner was showing off the engine to someone. thought i wouldn't be taking a picture of it at that point, and went back to whatever it was i was doing.

by the time i considered it again, the hood was down and no one was around. so luckily i got a few shots.

clean truck, interesting details. the truck bed is all padded, and i doubt very useful for carrying anything. i took a shot of that, but it's late and i don't have it ready to post...maybe i'll add it later.

wasn't daylight savings time yet, so it got dark early. the truck was golden, but around back under the fluorescents, it kinda goes green. so the weird, not stock tail lights look a little off.

ok, i'm done for now. my legs hurt from sitting all day at work. waiting for the weekend, hoping to get to a couple of shows, though it would be more fun if my better half could go. he's hoping he can join me next month at chicano park...hoping his sister can stay with his mom that weekend.