what's up?

captain packard

last weekend, i also went to the azalea festival and car show in south gate.

i had stopped at another show the previous friday, and raynbow of the oc viejitos told me about it. so thanks, so much raynbow!

i hadn't been to this particular festival, but had been to the greenspan's show on the golf course last summer, so hoped it would be as good as that was, and i wasn't disappointed.

at least a couple hundred cars crammed onto the grassy knolls, so i got to shooting. (see what i did there...yes i did).

again, a perfect day, cool and overcast. i had a harder time getting out early like the day before. so tired...guess i'll get used to it.

ran into a couple of guys from the originals club right off the bat. armando has a very nice pontiac, and had bought some pictures from me last year. very nice guy. introduced me to his friend, and pointed out his friend's packard here. says he would be interested in getting a picture done too.

seemed specifically to be interested in a front view, and this was the one i liked best of the bunch. they also want it faded out on the edges, in a vignette kinda fashion, so i guess i'll do a little more work with it.

and i was so distracted by all the cars, i forgot to shoot new pictures of armando's car...oh well, next time, my friend.


aside from sometimes posting bigger size pictures this year, i've started to post some straight out of the camera shots over on flickr, of stuff i may never have time to get around to polishing up, but figure some people may be interested in seeing their car anyway, if they bothered to talk to me. so go check out my digital junkyard if you're curious. no, i'm not going to post everything, but enough so if i shot your car at a big show, it may be over there.