what's up?

flowers in your hair...

this is halloween, halloween...skipped it this year. worked from home. then hid in the back bedroom, and watched game of thrones reruns. just didn't feel like dealing with the kiddos. busy street, lots of peeps usually.

we have a giant basket of candy. fortunately, most of it is stuff i don't like. my better half and his mom mostly love passing the stuff out, throwing handfulls into trick or treat bags.

unusually, they turned off the light way early, and he went to bed. 

out front, there's a practically untouched basket of candy. i guess i'll find out tomorrow what happened. [my mother-in-law just told me it's our stupid neighbor's fault. dressed in black with a white mask and a dagger at the bottom of the stairs. basically scaring the kids away. college frat boy / fat boy ass. he's a douche; doesn't everybody have a neighbor like that? only, he isn't in college anymore, so go figure.]

anyway, it just suddenly started to pour rain outside. about damn time. i love when it rains.

i don't love that i have to get up way early in the morning to take my car in for servicing. supposed to be cold. and still raining.

thinking about doing a little rework on the website this weekend, so it may go down for a bit. hopefully, i won't eff it all up.


saw this motorcycle at the dia de los muertos art and car show earlier in the month. quick shot. he left soon after, so glad i shot it.