what's up?


wondering around pomona last weekend, early in the morning. sun coming up. his hood down. wishing the guy next to him had done the same, but really liked this fleetline. this car is blue on blue, but the sun hitting it, is making it look green.

apparently, my better half wandered by the same car at some point, and chatted with the owner. he mentioned that he'd seen me shoot this car in san pedro as well, and was interested in seeing any shots i had of the car. ya, he did want to see my better half's shots, but my better half hardly posts anymore, so told the guy he'd have better luck asking me.

so both the owner and his wife emailed me separately inquiring about it. he parks it in with the bridgetown club, but i'm not clear that he is part of the club.

found at least three shots of it. two of my favs were from pomona, several months apart. i did find the one shot from san pedro, but it's kinda weak, more from the front.

here's the other one from pomona.