what's up?

weathered fine

i was awakened at five in the morning by some a-hole playing some crap rap music at max volume outside. went on for a while. i looked out the window trying to figure out where it was coming from. two houses across the street had the lights on, but the way the sound bounces around in the early hours, couldn't tell where it was coming from. sounded more like the house up on the corner.

guessing the elderly neighbor called the cops, because one eventually showed up. parked next to a car just nearby. he left. the music shut off. some stupid kid gets out and walks across the street and down an alley. stupid jerk.

since i was up anyway, i decided to go out to pomona's swap meet. woke the better half up, since he had mentioned he'd like to go sometime. after waiting forever for him to get ready, we didn't arrive until about the time the sun was already rising. and we were already late...the lot was pretty damn full.

his first time there, so he was pretty impressed by all the cars there. he took time to walk down a few rows of the swap meet stuff too. i haven't even done that. always taking pictures until it gets too hot to continue.

he said the pavement is pretty broken up there, so that i should spare my roller bag with my cameras in it. bouncing is bad for the sensor, or at least shake the dust onto it.

blah blah blah. found this old caddy in the sea of cars. for one, i love the back fins on this year, with the funky lights. but hell, look at that peeling paint. lots of texture. the chrome is kinda crap too. weathered. i think they like to call that patina, right?