what's up?

black widow

i saw this car up on philadelphia, with it's club, lo nuestro, and thought i recognized it. went back behind it to check out the altar set up and found this:


i took a bunch of shots before the owner asked the usual questions. lots of details on this car. hard to decide where to look first.

i asked her if she had been at the chicano park show back in april. yep. that's where it was. i remembered exactly where it was parked—right here on the grass, in the middle of the park:



on another note...i had been on call to do some work today for the office. waited at home all day, until about four. decided it wasn't going to happen today, and decided i was going to drive out to covina to check out the real classics car show. i've had their card sitting on a shelf for several months now; one of many that have been handed to my better half to be passed on to me. supposedly their halloween show.

i got about half way there, when they sent me a message that the file was ready to work on, so i had to drive all the way back home to do ten minutes worth of work. then wait for the ok. so, by the time they approved it, i figured if i got back in the car and drove up there, i'd have about fifteen minutes before the sun went down. decided to wait until next month. they'll be having a food drive then...

thinking of going to the pomona swap meet tomorrow, before it gets too hot out. hoping the morning clouds that have been out for several days, are still around. they make the sky more interesting, and reflect so well on the polished cars.

and i also have a flyer for a groupe ela car show...maybe could swing by there on the way home...