what's up?

two little injun

1946 pontiac eight

so as i'm finishing this picture and looking online to figure out what year it might be, i realized i'd shot it a couple years ago, up the street at the whittier car show. it was the license plate that proved it.

here it was, at the old memories show, i think one of the only pontiacs there, at least while i was there. always have to shoot these for the hood ornament

wasn't in the best spot. in fact, it was facing the tent of the pharaohs car club, and i was pretty much almost hanging my ass into their overhang to get the front of the car. whatever; they ignored me. just curious why they'd park it that way.


yes, the dog is sleeping now. little bastard was up at five am. so i had him out at a park by seven-thirty chasing a football. then again over at my mom's house at the park nearby. even hosed him down and shampooed him with the garden hose. and how he does love hanging his head out the car window. 

but OMG i think he's rotting inside, as he's just let out yet another SBD...gotta open a window...