what's up?

out of sorts

1947 chevrolet fleetline

first, happy bday to my better half.

i gave him a woody.

the one from the pixar movie...i know what you're thinking... >:)

have had a very not feeling right weekend otherwise.

on friday, my better half walked five miles round trip, when he took his van in for service. ended up with a sore ankle, so he didn't want to go anywhere on saturday.

i stopped for about an hour and change at the latin gents show, then started feeling wobbly. probably because i needed to eat. weekends throw me off...i sleep in late, so i eat later than usual.

anyway, packed up and headed out, while seeing more cars arriving. considered going back later, more toward sunset, but just couldn't bring myself to drive back down there.

then today, there were a couple of shows i'd thought about going to, but, it's my better half's bday, and thought i'd just hang out with him and whatever he wanted to do.

this shot is one of the last couple i shot yesterday. couldn't resist that light and how it was falling through the trees. it just feels like fall. maybe that's why i feel weird...time to hibernate. i sure as heck don't feel like getting up at 4am and going to work tomorrow.