what's up?



the week at work is going as i thought, very busy, even if very short. hoping to get to leave early like everyone else tomorrow, but its kinda up in the air now. traffic will be hell, so i'll be going to my parents' house. fortunately they are about fifteen minutes from the office if i stay off the freeway.

relatives will be taking the room i usually stay in, as well as the spare. thinking about inviting myself over to my own house with my kid, to avoid sleeping on the couch. or maybe a hotel...that sounds nice too.

gotta spend time this weekend backing up files. maybe a show or two or three.

this one was from the viejitos show back in july. never have really taken the time to post a lot of pics from this show. that was the month i was dog sitting the beast, so i was otherwise occupied. and there have been so many other shows since then.

don't shoot a lot of packards, but the lighting on this one was intriguing.