what's up?

back to school

1951 chevrolet bel air

yup, another bel air. i can. 

i just liked how i caught the car and the school sign, and how it framed up. could almost imagine that it's the 1950s, save for the overhead electrical lines...did they have those there back then? ditto for the school logo.

and that i got all my shots between groups of people walking down the sidewalk. patience pays off sometimes. must have been an early in the day shot.

second time i'd been out the july show in san fernando, this time on my own, as my better half was very sick. i know he hated to miss it. many more cars there than the previous year. lots of awesome cars, and good vibes. it is included on our do not miss list now, and we'll be there next year.


countdown to turkey day, and i don't care. family gatherings test my introvert's boundaries.

if anyone has peeked at this blog over the last couple of years, you know how much the march up to xmas just makes me more and more morose. one year, before i remarried, i did just hide out at my house for xmas, because that's what i wanted. so everyone left me be. and i was fine with it.

no, santa didn't leave me any toys there, nor lumps of coal. i found the usual gifts from "santa" over at my parents' house, so curious that he always has had the same handwriting as my mom as long as i can remember. hmm hmmm.


throwing in this pic of the real reason you guys show up at these shows, apart from the camaraderie. a very large table full of trophies. of the many categories awarded, i just don't know how the judges narrow it down to the lucky few.