what's up?

puppy love

1945 chevrolet truck

was going to call this one gravy, in the vein of thanksgiving, was going to babble on how mine went. simply ordinary, with ten other family members and a dog beast; several whom have not made the trek to gramma's house in a few years. but why would you care?

but then i spotted the puppy. he makes this beat up, imperfect truck bearable.

the owner of both wondered why i was shooting a picture of the truck, knowing it wasn't as pretty as other cars. i do this for fun, i enjoy taking the pictures. if you like them, and buy a print, it helps pay for this website, and somewhat towards buying replacement cameras, more backup drives, saving for a new lens.

i take pictures of the cars that i like, that catch my eye. i know i have a hard time accepting compliments. i guess this guy was feeling the same, in a manner of speaking.


had planned on going out to riverside for a couple of shows tomorrow, but instead will be taking my car in for some unplanned maintenance. so that sucks. december is looking pretty busy, so if i get to a show, i get to a show.

oh, hey, i got a new box of "business" cards, featuring cars i've shot over the past year. a different car on the back of every one. it's fun opening a new batch, seeing how they look in print. collect the whole set.