what's up?

sleeping beauty

1956 chevy

so i'm recovering from my little surgery thing yesterday. for a minor thing, why did they knock me all the way the hell out...general anesthesia? wheee heeee. slept all day. my better half kept watch over me, and hasn't really let me do much of anything today. ya, he's a keeper.

i went out with him to the mall this morning, to pick up his glasses, then he took me to my mom's to pick up my car. and i ended up just wanting to lay down on her couch for a while, but unable to sleep.

after a couple of hours, i drove back home, and didn't do much else. so i guess i won't be doing much shooting tomorrow, in spite of a couple of shows that i'd really like to go to. my son wants me to take a picture of he and his girlfriend and his puppy by a lake, but i really don't know yet if i want to drive there. and that puppy is growing so quickly...

here's another tribe car. haven't seen it before. he'd just had it pinstriped the day before, he said, as i was shooting the back wheel cover, in all it's freshly pinstriped glory.

his son was sleeping inside it, though you can't see him from this angle. supposedly, the kid had just gotten home ten minutes before the guy left for the show before 5 in the morning.