what's up?

drive-in, get down

1968 chevy impala

sitting here, growing bored. i think my better half would sit on me if he could, to keep me from going out. no, really, he would just strongly suggest that i stay put. just because the doctor told him to. pfft.

so maybe i'll post a couple of pictures. going to work tomorrow. i sit all day anyway, and i think they'd be in trouble if i didn't show up for another day, with the tradeshow cycle going again.

liked this impala's parking space. i like when i can get the car and the building in the same frame. kinda wish i'd been able to get a little more off to the side on this, but this will have to do.

i'm going to go ambulate uptown later, getting out of this house. for dinner. though disneyland sounds like a lot more fun than uptown.