what's up?

i wanna be sedated

1957 pontiac star chief

so i get to do this medical thing on friday, and my better half is saying he isn't going to let me get near my tripod all weekend. even though there are big shows out in san pedro and el segundo i was thinking of going to for a change. i suppose i'll spend the weekend sleeping it off anyway. not looking forward to it.

anyway, been a long week at work and it's only tuesday. working extra hours, and then staying up late, is wearing me out. probably won't make it to either bob's or ruby's this week. pooh.

this here is the front end of jack's star chief. really a spectacular car. he's usually there at bob's representing the mercifuls of long beach. even made it to the whittier show last weekend. too bad he usually is parked in the vicinity of richard's car, but you know the saying, "you can pick your friends, you can pick your..."

ps: hey geri, yes, i did tell my better half he can start calling me baroness von jones soon.