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shady lady

1953 chevy 3100 truck

haven't seen this truck since last year, when they used to have a show at chubby's in anaheim. i'd shot it on several visits there, and the last time i'd seen the owner he was interested in buying a print. but the day i showed up with an 8x10, he'd just put new wheels on it, and now it didn't match the picture, so he didn't want it. oh well, another for my book.

so here i saw it at angelos, another show i hadn't been to since last year. never well attended, at least the handful of times i'd stopped, i had hopes there would be more since the show further up the street has been cancelled. saw the truck, and a couple of other guys by it, but not the owner i remembered. wondered if he was inside having dinner, or if he'd sold the truck. the guys by the truck didn't say anything, and just sat talking to each other in spanish.

as i was finishing up with a few shots, the owner did emerge from the restaurant, and come over to say hello. yes, i remembered him and his truck. i always remember the car. mostly i remember the owners if they've taken the moment to say hello or make a comment.

i liked that the truck was parked here on the end of the row, actually not a real parking spot. i did not like that he parked here under a tree, when the shade sucks the intensity and richness of the color out of a car. but i shoot it as i find it, so fiddle dee dee.

and as far as yesterday's drama with my pictures, the problem was resolved. my favorite framer took care of it, whereby i dropped off the pictures at 6am. he had them redone by 10am. i dropped them off at the fairgrounds before 11am. i did mention the ambiguity in the wording of the rules to one of the judge types accepting entries at the tables. he said he thought they'd clarified it better, but apparently not enough. i gotta do something nice for my framer, who busted his ass to help me, though he reassured me that they would have been fine as they were.