what's up?

i think i'll cry now

1936 cord

so i had good news. i had entered a few pictures into the orange county fair, and they selected four of them for the competition. had them printed up nice, arranged for the framing, picked them up on wednesday...they're due tomorrow.

was just putting the labels on the back and decided to measure them; there is a size limit. they're one inch too wide with the frame!!! they'll get disqualified at the door if they happen to measure them. EFFFFF!!!

anyway, i've got a frantic email sent off to the framer, hoping i can bring them in first thing and he can chop them down in time. otherwise, i'll be very unhappy, at the very least, and may come down with a case of tourettes.

<sigh> oh hell, i don't know what to say. i'll just post this picture, take a hot shower, and go to bed. nothing i can do right now...

damnit damnit damnit...see, it's already started...