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keep on truckin’

1953 chevy 3100 truck

so when i got to chubby's early last friday, this truck was one of the bunch of cars already there. guess he really wanted to pick a good spot. yet another of the latin gents squad, he was waiting for his buds to show up.

i took a bunch of shots, different angles. shocker here...it has hydraulics, and of course he angled it up on one side, so i took some more. unfortunately, shooting from the other side wasn't so interesting, so they all pretty much look like this, except for a couple from the front.

anyway, i liked this one best out of all of them. he moved the truck later, and perhaps it would have been a better spot, but i didn't take anymore of it...my memory card was getting full, and there were other cars to take. another time, another shot.