what's up?

magic bus

1939 chevrolet fleetmaster

nothing frames a picture like a city bus, right? right? so awesome. not. lol. really it was just parked in the middle of the street behind this puppy, and i got tired of waiting for it to move, so you takes what you gets.

before this shot, there was some "professional" photographer with "people" shooting pictures of it, with models in '30s and '40s garb draped upon the vehicle. at least two side lights for the model, even on this sunny day, almost straight up noon. maybe because the models already looked a bit harsh, the side lights would soften them up?

whatever. i waited and squeezed in a few shots between their takes, and then they moved on to a car off to the left of this one, so i took a few more. i dunno if i owned a car like this, if i'd let models sit their asses on the bumpers and such. i do assume there was some sort of arrangement with the photographer and the owner to do so.

anyway, there's a car club sign in the back window, but i can't read all of it. the smaller type i think says PHX AZ. i liked the car, but the bus...not so much.