what's up?

hora lay


ok, i'm going to try and post this from my ipad, since i've got the time now and was too tired last night to post it.

waiting to meet up with family to take by son out for his birthday. where does the time go? as it is, it's more and more difficult to get an hour of his time as he's been a bit busy lately. when your kids grow up, you take the crumbs they throw at you and tell youself that's plenty. my daughter is a whole other adventure, and being in another state, an even rarer occasion.

as i said, starting to get to the shows again. tried to hit up one that still shows on the schedule yesterday, but when i got there, the parking lot was spectacularly empty, as was the restaurant associated with it. not even sure it was even open for business anymore.

i digress. found this lovely tbird at the broiler. again, i think perhaps i need to stay later to see if many more cars eventually show up. there was some sort of award on the dashboard, and i can't read it from this angle. i suppose it says something to the effect of, "you have a really nice car."

and while i'm pondering life and everything, can someone tell me why "old guys rule?" i can think of lots of ways they might be good for something, but an equal number, if not more, of reasons why it blows to be an old guy. how my mind wanders...