what's up?

pale whale


it's a big one all right. these old cadillacs are pretty and curvy and big.

finally made it to a regular show, an old standby, my comfort zone. had to go to long beach anyway, and bob's isn't that far from there. hey to angel, who always seems to be there, and doesn't hesitate to come over and say hi when i'm there, as well as the brothers with the old chevy. and then there's richard...who can bite it.

i haven't been in a few weeks, and now that it's warmer and the sun is up later, i am kinda disappointed that there weren't more cars. i think the mercifuls club has adopted this show, as the majority of the cars seem to have their plaque in the window.

the lot just used to overflow with cars, all the way to the back lot. now they've just been all clustered up in the front lot. maybe i just didn't stay late enough. i would have preferred to catch the sunset, but i also needed to eat dinner and have time to play with a picture.

i even decided to leave, thought of going to the show over at the spires, and threw my stuff into the trunk. then got a phone call from my better half. while sitting in the car, an old beautiful original chevy pulled into the space next to me. i was going to get my camera out again after i got off the phone, but he moved it to another spot, and so i didn't.