what's up?

got balls?

1959 chrysler imperial

i'm plugged in to my ipad, watching old reruns on netflix, and zoning in on my pictures, headphones blocking out the world. family is in the background throwing up xmas all over the front room. mother-in-law does go a bit over the top, and she is putting the kids to work putting up the tree and wrapping a zillion lights on the poor thing. not little twinkly white lights; the fruity colored led things they have out now. pfft. sure it looks fine, but just too fruity. no particular theme this year. just seems to be traditional ye olde fashioned stuff. and balls. big ones.

so i actually took this shot a couple of years ago, over at enderle plaza. i remember taking it. guy didn't get the clue to close the hood, so i didn't shoot the front, but really couldn't pass by the back end. lots of circles going on. they come in all sizes. just like the balls on the damn tree.