what's up?

let a little sunshine in

1936 buick special

i used to like the holidays. really, i did.

then i spent a decade not liking them so much. i have my reasons. i'd become accustomed to it. and now, its just hard to get the spirit back. without a place to run off and be alone anymore, and with another person that wants me around, i just try to sit in the background and keep my mouth shut, or at least grumble quietly. for now. maybe it will take another decade to care about it.

does that mean i'm depressed? holidays are just manufactured traditions, or religious celebrations. not so religious, never really was, so why be a hypocrite? for now, i'll distract myself as best i can.

i see the light. i've joined the thousands that chase the light. try to catch it. it would help if i could manage to get my ass out of bed early enough like i used to for shows. other commitments now make it more difficult, but it really is just a choice. like this one. we chose to get out early to shoot. really is easier when the show is just down the road.