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there is never enough time

1947 chevy fleetline

i'm kinda bummed about this show in pico rivera. sponsored by the showlows car club, i had several people tell me about it. i was going to be out of town with my better half and miss it.

turns out, our plans weren't cast in cement, and we were heading out the day of the show. had a little time to spare and it was not that far out of the way to the freeway, so we swung by the show. my better half stayed out with the car and cleaned the windows, while i did a too quick run through.

so bummed i didn't have more time. there was a smorgasbord of exactly the type of cars that i love. had to just quickly pick and choose. it was around noon, also a hot day, which slows me down. and then in the midst of it all, one of my kids calls and wants to chat. so even less time available to shoot. ah well.

found this one in a line of pharaoh's cars. very nice line up. hope to see them again.

this show was a first. hopefully it will become an annual, and that i can drag my better half in there with me.