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1938 chevy

went to the show at ruby's last night. waited until it cooled off, and the sun was starting to set. lots of people there.

saw this 1938 chevy early on. its really a deep deep maroon color that is spectacular in the sunlight. i'd seen it at the whittier uptown show, but then it had been crammed between two other cars and always had the split hood up. so i never got a shot of it that day. here it was, with the hoods up again...arrrggggh. passed it by several times.

after going off for some golden spoon yogurt, came back for one more pass through the cars. sun had set. they were beginning the raffle and trophy announcements. the crowds had moved over to the announcement area.

finally the hood was closed, not too many people around, which was good. at this point, the exposures on the camera were going to be long, and i didn't need people milling around arbitrarily; can't be helped. there are still some people ghosts in the background, but they aren't interfering with the car, which is the main focus anyway.

the owner was nearby. he came over and turned on the lights–which also illuminated the hood ornament, but i guess i wasn't at a good angle to capture that well. i liked the ornament, and tried to get a hand-held shot of it with my macro lens, but the exposure was too long, and all out of focus. hopefully i'll see this one again when its not so dark.