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lady dragon

stopped at the enderle center show in tustin today. thought it would be the typical weekly bunch of cars. apparently it was an annual (?) classic car show. roads shut down, had to park down the road a bit, fireboys with their trucks there. but really, about the same number of cars that show on the regular show days, only with some that i've never seen before, and a much bigger to-do for a raffle and trophy tent. couple restaurants open and free haircuts from a salon in the center. fun to be had by all.

was there just before it officially started, so had to stand for the singing of the star spangled banner while a hook and ladder firetruck raised an enoromous flag. they should have turned the truck the other way, so the wind would have blown it out, instead of back over the ladder. whatever. that was followed by pledge of allegiance, and several speeches by show officials.

lady dragon

anyway, this was an extraordinary car. i believe i heard the owner saying it had originated from a childhood dream. he'd had it custom built/crafted to his specifications. can't remember what he said was under the hood, but i think it was the drive train from some other standard classic model car.

what caught my eye, was the hood ornament, of course. other details included the lady dragon scultped on the gas cap, as well as dragon-themed dashboard elements, and on the center medallion of the steering wheel.

the owner handed me a business card, which says he's an artist. so i am not surprised by the craftsmanship or the imagination that went into this unique car.