what's up?

hot and pink

posting another picture tonight, because i already know i won't be able to tomorrow.

anyone notice that it's getting to be a little on the hot side this week? i gotta get something to wear besides blue jeans; they just hold the heat in and i'm just gonna have a heat stroke.

hot rod

stopped by three shows this evening: one in anaheim (too early, hardly anything there yet), peris, and bob's big boy in downey (only stayed fifteen minutes). lots to choose from at the peris show, stayed about an hour.

this ford hot rod stood out from all the other hot rods there. probably because it was hot pink and had pinstriped flames. even had an airbrushed portrait of a hot rod and the tasmanian devil on the back.

anyway, it was neato. i've got a shower waiting for me now...gotta go.