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bring on the fleet

48 fleetline

on this day at fuddrucker's in el toro, there were a lot of cars, but not so many that i bothered to take a picture of; either i already have shots of them, the hoods were up, or they were newer models that i have no interest in.

this 1948 chevy fleetline was parked on the edge of the show. it is in fairly good shape, and the owner was nice enough to close it up and stand aside for me. told him i'd try to post it soon; i think it's been a couple of weeks. trying to get to all the pictures that owners have specifically asked about...finding several from months ago, and now i feel bad for not getting to them sooner.

anyway, this show seems to be quite busy this summer, with the mild weather, and still long evenings of light, i always seem to be leaving the parking lot, only to see something really interesting drive up. i resist the urge to turn around and get everything out again...i'd never get home if i didn't let them get away sometimes.