what's up?

polished fire

1960 cadillac de ville

yep, here it is again. and there he is again.

personal challenge to get a good shot of the damn ghosted flame job on this puppy. thought the overcast, early morning sky would help. and it did, but, the car as always, is so buffed to a high shine, it caught all the reflection of the buildings and trees nearby. it's like looking at a world within a world, and then when you're not focusing, you can catch sight of the flames. so frustrating.

walked by it several times during the day to see what the light might do with it, but never did like the shot after the morning. gonna end up catching this one in an empty field early in a morning or late in the evening, someday...ya, evening, make the friggin flames burn yellow-orange in the sunset light...hmmmm.

i got a couple decent shots; posting this one since it had a better chance at showing the flames on the hood. can't really go wrong with this car; i haven't found that it has a bad side.