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shaggin wagon

chevy wagon

why do i always find wonderful cars parked out in the back lot here? are they waiting their turn for a prime spot? are they just people that are going to eat at bob's and just happen to drive bitchin' cars? some of these shows are so forest gump – never know whatcha gonna get.

this one, fortunately for me, had plenty of space to get a good shot and show its flames well. not sure what year this is (anyone know?), since obviously the owner was not around, and there was no specialized mark on the plates or anything. i stayed fairly late that night, and never saw this one move up to the main show. just wish they'd turn on the lights back there when the sun goes down. don't exactly want to be alone in the dark with my gear, so i'm sure there are many that i will never get to add to my collection.

on another note, what's up with the cruise night at angelo's in anaheim? i drove out there tonight after working late, about 6:30, and there's just two guys standing in front of wannabe low riders, the kind with the little wheels, but not much to look at. or the cars either. nothing on the flyer that says its only once a month or anything. at least it wasn't too far out of my way.

tired now, off to bedski.