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ford flamer

1949 ford

check out the flame job on this puppy. owner corrected me: 1950 businessman's coupe [thanks!] i think its a 1949 ford custom...i hate when all the identity stuff is removed and have to guess at what a car used to be. not that i know car models anyway, but i like to have some way of tagging my pictures. this was at the main street show in garden grove this past friday evening. not as many cars as there was when i visited in march. i suspect i didn't stay late enough, though i was there for 2 hours, shooting and waiting to see what other surprises would drive up.

not too many people on the side lots, nor even that many on the main street to get in the pictures. i think they were still hanging out in the restaurants or quenching their thirst while i was there. more room for me to get the shots i wanted, so much the better. i figure the more pictures i take, the better they will get. oh and you should see some of the prints i have of these cars. i just got a batch of 8x10s printed on a metallic finish paper...wow! ask to see them if you catch me at a show.