what's up?

twiddling my thumbs

cinco de mayo 1-4539And9morehdr.jpg

i’ve been waiting fifteen minutes for this windows update to finish, here at work. i actually have stuff to do, so this is slightly inconvenient....

ah, there it goes. only had to start a post on my phone to make it complete...blog blocker.

well, here’s a nice merc from last weekend at the park. interesting ghost flames in the paint. 

losing it

1947 chevy fleetline

1947 chevy fleetline

saw this sweet fleetline cruising the park. in the sun, it's cherry red, like candy.

so i was sort of bummed when he happened to park right in front of me, but there in the shade. ah well, at least he parked in front of me. took a few shots, and got out of their way.

i've seen it around before, so i probably of a shot of it in the sun somewhere anyhow.

little bitty writing on the back side window says it's for sale. why would you do that? wish i had the cash...

so i seem a little dingy lately. forgetting stuff. left my purse behind a couple of times, once at my mom's, once at work. hard to buy dinner without the cash, but then, i still had my phone, so apple pay. drive the speed limit back each time to fetch the pesky thing.

today, i went to lunch, alarm went off to get back to work. paid the bill, and was halfway back to my car, when i realized i'd left my ipad behind. shit.

walked quickly back to the establishment. bartender happily pointed out that it was still sitting exactly as i'd left it...propped up, window opened to the last page i was looking at... no, i don’t drink; that’s just where they seat you when you’re a single diner.

errrrr. tired? stressed? dementia setting in early? i dunno. just not typical. what will i forget next?