what's up?

chief on the field


hood ornament

saw this purple pontiac at the oldies san fernando show this past summer. first time i've seen it out. since then, been seeing pics of it all over instagram.

its different, that's fer sure. at least the hood ornament seems to be original, and not painted over.

looking forward to sunday, being back home in time for the día de los muertos car show/art show. was more carshow than art show last year, so i can only hope there are more cars this year. just down the street from the house, couldn't get much better than that.

better half is out washing his clothes at a random laundromat in the gaslamp, and i'm kicking back, watching forrest gump on tv. i slightly over-packed; he planned on underpacking and just washing clothes to get through the week.

started the day driving out to a shoe store in encinitas. better half has big feet...

anyway, he needed new shoes that wouldn't hurt. we're doing a bit more walking than we do at home, and his old shoes were hurting him. sales guy was very helpful, and he's hopeful the new pair will help.

turned out we were only three minutes from the house of an old friend, and former boss of mine. would have been nice to see her, but we had other plans, and figured she'd be busy working. hey carol -- miss you!

from the shoe store, it was either go to a museum at miramar afb or take a tour of the taylor guitar factory on the way back to the hotel. we did the guitar tour, since we both own one; i have their smallest model; he has a couple of bigger, nicer guitars. it was interesting to see how they make the guitars. really wish i could learn to play mine, more than a few random songs plucked out badly on the strings, since it has such a good tone, but i'm more of a piano kid, thanks to my mom.

guess i'll get ready for dinner. better half is almost done with his clothes, and jumanji is starting on tv now.