what's up?

a little sunshine

1937 chevy

so i've spent a lovely week hanging out at a courthouse, doing my civic duty. don't know how that happened, as they usually look for the most ignorant jurors possible. they didn't even ask me any questions, and i had no other excuses to be unable to serve.

love how all the jurors of a certain ethnic group, with only one exception, pulled the i don't speak english very well or acted like they completely didn't speak english at all. i call bullshit, but i guess if i was the one sitting next to the lawyer at the table, i wouldn't want them on the jury either.

i won't bore you with details, but it was an interesting experience. i got to use my best assortment of bitch faces sitting in the jury box, glaring at both lawyers, and so they could not guess which way i might be leaning for or against the defendant.

freaking freezing in the courtroom and deliberation room. was great if i had climbed the stairs or had a hot flash. otherwise, had to remember to bring a sweater.

back to work and a more normal schedule to whine about, and freeways to sit in a slow roll upon, and think up topics i might posit here.

caught this pistoleros car at the viejitos summer show in anaheim a couple of weeks back. its not finished, and i am making the assumption that they will eventually paint this car. but even if they decide they like the primer look, though i cannot understand it, you can see the beautiful lines of the car. the small details you'll never find on today's cars.

i liked how they dropped it to the ground under this tree, perhaps in anticipation of shade later when the sun got to doing it's thing in the sky, but at this time of morning, there's just that kiss of sun on the back end, through the trees out of the frame.

maybe that isn't something that you get worked up over, and sometimes random shadows on cars bug the hell out of me, but here i like it, and that it is hitting the skirt that doesn't match the rest of it. stupid, but that's how it was, and i liked it at the time.

rusty crusty

so we've been busy dealing with a family emergency since sunday. i've been working from home, and making daily visits to the hospital. not sure what will happen when they get out, and how we will work around that, but will worry about it, when we have to worry about it.

pretty tired, so i'm not going to write a lot tonight. i put a crap iphone shot of this car up on my instagram, and people seemed pretty interested in it, so put this one up tonight. i like this shot from my camera better.

not the first time i've posted it...put it up last year, but nobody really noticed. that was a bright, sunny, hot day versus this shot, early, overcast and cool.

got wood

been very busy, as usual. work tires me out. trying to plan at least a weekend away, just not ready to go on a full-blown vacation, no matter that i need one. gotta figure how to fit one in. and it's big car show season. speaking of, going to peel myself off the couch today and go to the latin gents show. starts in half an hour, so...

saw this car at the viejitos/pistoleros show last week. pretty stunning. had this airbrush work on the front bumper. not a big fan, but it's probably family...or fantasy.

also had this hydraulics thing in the trunk, so i guess i'll forgo my bitching about the trunk being open.

master patina

quick post. sorry. late. tired. long weekend, though i slept through most of it. remind me not to ever do a quick business trip without padding it with arrival the night before or staying the night after. no, i do not like fewer than six hours sleep a night.

first car from the viejitos/pistoleros show last weekend. a pistoleros car. love the rusty crustiness of it. the newer, chrome wheels don't quite match, but i'll ignore them.

fire within

quick post, as i run off to catch a plane to san fran to attend a two-day business meeting. gotta come back saturday to turn in my pics for the fair. kind of a bummer, as i'd prefer to have stayed the weekend, but on the other hand...i got stuff that will be hanging at the fair. so yay. better half says i'm a winner whether i get a ribbon or not...just getting selected is enough to celebrate.

sooooo tired. too much work this week. almost thought i was going to have to get a job done before i left, but it's looking like i will have to miss part of the meeting and use the boss's computer to finish. not my fault if they miss their deadline. blame the ceo.

when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. ttfn.