what's up?

golden glow

don't know what this is for sure. i liked the pinstriping.

background was kinda interesting. but too challenging with the traffic to really get a good shot. couldn't stand out the street very long before another car would come zooming by, looking for a place to park.


i had the day off...MLK, office was closed. i should have been sifting through paperwork for taxes. can you tell i'm stalling?

purple sky

another from the lowdown show. these aren't perfect, but i think they give you the gist of the feeling. wishing i'd used my old lens, especially at night. better half would probably argue that this one is better, but i don't think so.

pretty truck. i think i've shot it before, but i'm not finding it now. probably didn't label it right. they moved it to this side of the street at some point, so shot it again. different spot, different light. slightly fewer people in the way. can't really do anything about the traffic, so i just live with the light streaks.


like i thought, the mi barrio art show at the lowdown in uptown brought out the cars. wanted to get out earlier to see what might show up, but had to wait for my better half, who decided to take his morning shower at five in the evening, so he could look pretty, i guess. no, that isn't typical. he had to work all day, and well, it was the weekend, so whatever.

only had time to get a few cars before the sunset. i shot this car at sunset, and then later, when it was dark. the owner came over to ask what we do with the pictures. then he asked if we show the plates. he had the usual paranoid story about people online shopping for cars to steal and tracking them down by the plate numbers. heard it before. he was nice about it. of course, i'll not show the plates if asked, or if like richard, i won't bother to show them at all.

anyway, i always love a fleetline. hope you don't mind the felix, instead. seemed appropriate.

smelled like pussy

as we were walking home from the art show uptown, we found this ford was parked a half block down. i had already taken a few shots of it, when the owner walked up and wanted to grab a jacket out of the car.

better half, who had assigned himself as my bag boy/assistant by this point in the evening, asked him what the story on this car was. 

if i remember right, he's had it for about seven years. said it was a complete mess when he got it. said it smelled like cat, or cat piss, fairly unbearable. took four months to air that out somehow.

he cut out that oversize sunroof and smoothed the edges. i think he said when needed, he can pop in the old piece to cover it up, and i suppose keep the rain out. but maybe he doesn't take this out in the rain.

anyway, cool car now. check out that paint job.

and i apologize for the title...better half dared me.