what's up?


like i thought, the mi barrio art show at the lowdown in uptown brought out the cars. wanted to get out earlier to see what might show up, but had to wait for my better half, who decided to take his morning shower at five in the evening, so he could look pretty, i guess. no, that isn't typical. he had to work all day, and well, it was the weekend, so whatever.

only had time to get a few cars before the sunset. i shot this car at sunset, and then later, when it was dark. the owner came over to ask what we do with the pictures. then he asked if we show the plates. he had the usual paranoid story about people online shopping for cars to steal and tracking them down by the plate numbers. heard it before. he was nice about it. of course, i'll not show the plates if asked, or if like richard, i won't bother to show them at all.

anyway, i always love a fleetline. hope you don't mind the felix, instead. seemed appropriate.