what's up?

he asked me to

dia de los muertos-6576And9morehdr.jpg

i remember you. you're that guy from the viejito's show in anaheim. ran into you today uptown at the dia de los muertos art and car show.

whole lot more cars than other years...more every year, with a few vendors thrown in between selling skelly stuff. 

better half walked me to the show just after the sun came up. figured he'd go back home quickly, but nope, he hung out the whole time i was there. not bad for him, running on about an hour or two of sleep. he pulled my bag around the whole time, which was nice, since my knee was twanging me a bit.

anyway, two car shows this weekend, and pictures promised, and so many others i love. hopefully, there will be lots of rainy days this winter.

anyway, this guy, iou a print. you sure you want one with you in it? i do have a shot without you...maybe i should post it?

gotta get to sleep...


i think the owner of this car was sincerely interested in seeing pictures of his car. figured he had seen me taking a shot of it earlier, as most people do, before approaching me.

i really thought i'd shot it. i'd shot the placa. i shot the back of his shirt, later, when he asked me to, sweat and all.

i'd had a handful of people already ask me to see their cars, so i'd gone back around and took cell phone pics of the cars, so i'd remember which ones.

got home, downloaded the memory cards. fifty plus gigabytes. not one of them a picture of the dude's car. not one of any of the clubs' cars. must have been people around it, or polishing it at the time i'd passed by, so skipped them. then got distracted, and never got back around to shoot them. 

it is one reason, though i'd shot a car earlier, i usually will go back and shoot them again, just to be sure. apparently, this time, i fucked up. so, sorry, all i have is this not great cell phone pic of it. i owe you a better picture of it next time, and i'll even get you a free print of it.

sucks. such a nice car too.