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merry effn xmas

1961 cadillac

as promised, i stopped at the broiler this past wednesday. hadn't been there in a month, haven't really been to any shows much. i think my shy side is getting the best of me. gonna forget how to shoot pictures if i don't go out and practice.

anyway, it was already dark when i got there to deliver angel's print. actually, he was right behind me on firestone, but he pulled around the front lot, i went out around back. saw him park his car, then lost track of him when i pulled my camera out of the trunk. figured he went inside for dinner. didn't feel like chasing him down, so i spent my time taking some pictures.

i was experimenting with my camera settings; i don't know how well i like them. too many long exposures, so i was just fooling around. at one point, i swear one of my contacts from flickr was standing by watching, but he never said anything, and since i wasn't sure, neither did i. thought i saw another one through the window of the restaurant, but again, not positive. hard to tell from the little pics people use in their profile.

anyway, i spent a bit of time taking shots of some of the mercifuls' cars. i was back behind this one down low. one of the members stopped to get something from the trunk of a car nearby. i guess it's a little odd when no one is expected behind the cars, so he looked to see what i was doing. don't worry, not touching your cars, just making them mine, in a way.

as always, i like the fins on these. but in this shot, i liked the fat boy sign, as well as the the lights on the drive up parking roof, and how they reflect on the paint and chrome. and for whatever reason, the way i seem to catch the reddish cast in the sky when its dark at the broiler. left it full frame, cuz i didn't want to crop any of it out.

gonna be spending tomorrow in the kitchen, baking stuff for xmas, so i'm pretty sure i won't be posting again beforehand, so have a good one, whatever you do.

oh, and angel liked his print. hope he takes a picture of it after he gets it framed...i wanna see.


tails, you win!

1961 cadillac

usually, i hate when cars park nose in, but particularly with these i give an exception — exceptions for exceptional cars. i just love the back end of some of these cadillacs. all pointy angles. did this guy add the funky tail lights from a ’59? i'm not finding another ’61 like this online.

this was from original mike's on sunday. apparently the couple that run the show had a medical emergency, so there was no raffle/prizes. and being still so cold after the rain the day before, a lot of cars didn't stick around long. gotta dangle that carrot of a prize to keep them there.

was told that there are 360° of television screens inside, so you can watch everything from the bar or whatever. well, i don't drink, and i've usually eaten before this show, so i'll take your word for it.

coffee anyone?


this is one of the regulars at the broiler. typically parks over with the other caddies in the drive-in spots. but here he was in what is becoming one of my more favorite spots to get a nice shot, with enough room between him and the car next to him.

i like that you get different colored lights coming from different sources, neon, passing cars, headlights — they look good on shiny surfaces like the paint on cars.

not quite sure what was going on weather-wise that day, but the sky looks pretty cool, so i'm guessing it had recently rained or was gearing up for rain.