what's up?

stormy weather

1947 lincoln continental

wishing for some really crappy weather, even more than this dismal overcast. storm clouds make pictures so much more cool, even if fewer cars come out from fear of raindrops on their shiny, shiny babies.

this was a big car. i've only seen a couple rumbling around. nothing else special about it, except that i'm yearning for some rain. and some sleep...just now.

very continental

very continental

i was about ready to pack it up the other day at fuddrucker's el toro, when this incredible 1947 lincoln continental pulls in. wow. stretched body, clean. i have never seen one before...i'm always on the lookout for models i haven't shot yet, and here was the prize for this day.

i have images of the back end too. had to wait patiently for a little girl to get out of the frame. she kept flitting about with her cell phone, keyboard out, but pointing it at cars (maybe it had a camera, maybe she was just dancing with herself, oh oh ah ahhhhh) while her parents talked to the owner of the next car over.

choice of politely waiting or losing the light, as the sun was setting...sometimes it's difficult to bite my tongue. i try not to be too intrusive, but really...how difficult is it to not notice a camera on a tripod and someone staring at you?