what's up?


purposely drove out to the broiler yesterday. i'm in the mood to shoot, and was hoping there would be some cars in downey to help me with that.

i go there rarely anymore, mostly because i have farther to go after work, and just can't bear to sit in traffic that much longer. and the last four or five times i have decided to go, disappointed by how few cars are there. it used to be so packed, even the back lot was full, even when i got there early.

well last night, got there about five-thirty. only a handful of cars there for the "show." small group of regulars, and i wandered over to the few i've met before. they joked that they didn't remember my name, where have i been, etc.

they talked about another show going on at the same time. mentioned that at the show i used to go to off alondra, they had torn down the building and were putting in an in-n-out or something.

anyway, i give up. this show is off my list, not worth the stress of the traffic. i liked the cars that were there, but too far for too few. sorry.

spent an hour with what there was and bid it goodbye for wednesday night shows.

wishing this woodie wasn't next to the t-bird, but apparently the owners are buds, so oh well.

wood you?

'46 ford woodie wagon

i think, were i not at a car show, that a guy asking me to "check out my woody," would cause at the very least a double-take if not a slap in the face. but of course i knew what he meant, so no worries.

this 1946(?) ford woodie wagon belongs to one of the group of guys that i've joked with the past couple of weeks at ruby's. i'd seen it before at the show at spires (or is it peris?) i'll call it spires, kinda the same way irvine meadows amphitheatre will always be irvine meadows to me, not verizon..., or its just "the forum," not great western...but i digress.

several of the guys are very interested on whether i shot their car, and can they see a print. i'm not usually all that jazzed by woodies for whatever reason...too cliché maybe; more likely because the wood distracts me from the nice curves of the front. so this owner had to ask me to take a picture of it. so here it is...what do you think?

and surprise, surprise, i only shot the hood ornament on it before. does it light up? at least he doesn't have the stereotypical unused surfboard stuck on it somewhere, that i find kinda lame, though i guess it does fit the theme. totally tubular, dude. cha.