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1939 chevy master deluxe

1939 chevy master deluxe

i like my doctor. really i do. but she pulled out my stitches today, so i'm kinda hating her ass right now. she coulda numbed it out first. now this bandaid she slapped over the holes is a bit tight.  

going to go to sleep now. won't feel it or think about if i'm unconscious. at least i'll be able to scratch that skin soon. better half was threatening to put one of those cones on my head...like a dog. who's the bitch? i guess i am. 


almost didn't go to the fundraiser at montebello park. got my taxes done in the morning, and didn't get back home until after noon as it was. it wasn't far, i wanted to shoot, and if i couldn't find parking, i could just turn around. 

and my better half decided to join me. he wanted out of the house, and left his sister to care for his mom. he also needed to stop at the market for a few things on the way back. 

shockingly found a spot in the little parking lot. lots of cars still there and arriving though it was after two o'clock when we got there. 

he got to catch up with people he hasn't seen in a while, and i shot more cars i probably otherwise would have skipped, because they were parked across the street from the crowd, and i didn't know them. 

afternoon light and shadows were what they were, so shot around it or just said fuck it, and shot into the sun. a few lens flares don't bother me, if the best angle happens to get pegged by the sun. 

the car next to this thirty-nine just happened to pull out as i was walking up to it, so i had a little extra room to play. the trees blocked a lot of the direct light, but couldn't filter it all, so a few flare spots here and there.

at least no camera errors yesterday. afraid i'd be cameraless for a couple of months while they get repaired--but not really; my better half is already letting me use one of his...and i hate it, as he predicted. though it is a better camera.