what's up?

i can't even

1939 chevy master deluxe coupe

1939 chevy master deluxe coupe

beautiful oldies chevy from the front street car show in norwalk last summer. i wouldn't mind having one of these in my garage.

so, i've made it to washington state, on my mission to test drive and deliver a new used car to my kid.

weather has been perfect the whole way, and here just in time, as it is supposed to start raining tomorrow.

she'd been texting me all morning, asking how far i was. so when i finally got to her hood, i drove directly to her place. a bit before check-in anyway.  

never had been to this apartment, and got to see the spot where i'd been sending ubers for the last month or so.  

anyway, parked the car, and her boyfriend walked the dog out to get me. turned out my kid had been up so early, and had been waiting to have lunch with me, though i told her not to, that she was in bed taking a nap. didn't even get up, though she did wake up when i peeked in the room.  

uh, hello. i just drove eleven hundred miles to bring her a car, and she can't be bothered to get up and/or go check out the car. ugh. not out of character really, but still pretty rude. 

pet the dog, got clawed by the cat, ignored the tarantulas and snakes. decided to go check in at the hotel and go back later. 

she did apologize. said she'd drank two beers on an empty stomach, and about the time i arrived wasn't feeling good. well duh. 

anyway, back a couple hous later, out to dinner with them and a couple of friends. (i drove). then out to point defiance zoo in the dark. it was decked out with xmas lights and music; a few animals were out in the cold. most were in for the night, but the small aquarium was open. 

pretty cool, pretty cold--being right on the edge of puget sound. 

back in the hotel, late and tired. not sure what i'll do for a couple of days. kid will be working, so i'm on my own.