what's up?


1952 chevy deluxe

still working my way through all the pictures i took saturday. briefly thought about going to a show or pomona on sunday, but i was pretty tired, and i had stuff to do and relatives visiting, so stayed put.

i'll share a few stats from my day uptown: 

  • i was out a total of seven hours, since the show was literally down the street from the house...got to take a break when it got too hot
  • shot about two-hundred and thirty-five cars, and more, if you count detail and hood ornament shots
  • just under eighty-six gigabytes of files on the hard drive. let's just say, i'd be in trouble space-wise if i had a full frame camera, a whole lot sooner in the year, at this rate.
  • at least 11,500 steps

thanks to the club that invited us to their xmas party this year. i'll think about if i want to get dressed up in girl clothes, and let you know. could be fun. 

i think i have one or two more pics i promised, so here's one. pretty color, pretty car. i think this is the same color i picked out years ago, for a project car my ex was building.