what's up?

monday monday

1940 chevrolet special deluxe

sitting in the parking garage at work. don't want to go in. want more sleep, please. 

but i like the paycheck and paying my bills, so i guess i will just this once. and repeat tomorrow and tomorrow... 

why am i the only one here? is it a holiday? no, it's just monday. 

looks like rain, with big gray clouds moving this direction, from the ocean.


spent a good bit of yesterday flipping through this past year's pictures, to see if there are any i want to enter in the oc fair. probably pulled about thirty. i'll have to look at those later, and whittle that number down, then ask my better half for his opinion. maybe cut it down to five--don't have a lot of wall space for after the show, and my storage unit is already stuffed. i really want to get my stuff out of storage; been so long since i've seen it, some would argue i don't need it anymore. maybe, but i still want a look at it to decide. 


had this picture waiting in the wings, from february's super cruise in garden grove. not so many cars that day, which is good and bad at the same time. less people and cars cutting through the shot, but also less to shoot. can spend more time on each car, to get an angle i like, i suppose. 

i feel like i need to use a different lens, but what, i don't know. thinking i should have moved a little more to the left to separate the windshield from the building more, but i still like the bleakness of the picture.