what's up?

lucky boy

1954 plymouth savoy

made it out to memo ortega's fifth anniversary show in montclair yesterday. had never been there. small space between the industrial buildings, and a bit of overflow in the next lot, but still a decent turnout.

took pictures of these two cars first, since they were the farthest in, in the in between, i suppose closest to the shop. i didn't actually make it into the shop, since i was distracted by the cars, so no idea what there was to see.

owner of this car came up and introduced himself, and asked if i'd post it. that's the surest way to get a yes, so here it is.

meant to stop at costco on the way home, but they closed at six, and since i stayed until about five-thirty, i didn't quite make it. traffic was brutal on the freeways, so i took more scenic surface street routes round about it all.

sometimes i really don't understand why the map on the phone sends me one way when i know another way is better, so i do ignore the directions quite often. or the bit, where it lost the signal, and i had no idea which way to go, but being up on a hill, saw the freeway and turned around and jumped on for one exit, until siri could get her bearings.

see lots of interesting new neighborhoods that way, just out cruising.