what's up?

and the skies opened

1929 ford

yo, gary! here's your car!

i met gary several years ago, when i was first out shooting cars. he had a bel air back then. i think he said he still has it, but now i only see him once a year, maybe, and at the last couple shows, he's been putting around in this emerald ford. it's a jewel. but it ain't a chevy.

took a few shots of it here, at the chino corn feed run, not long before the rain started. ya, gary, i think someone up there was targeting your car.

the other shots were so similar to what i shot at another show, that you might think i masked it out and dropped it on this street.

i like the distortion of this shot; the car just seems more threatened by whatever that wormhole in the clouds might be.


one more day in sd. classes all day today, followed by a few hours at petco park. my friend was unable to join me, but i have no problem watching baseball in a stadium on my own. i like to sit way up at the top, as close to behind home plate as possible. just more fun up there, and climbing all those stairs is just good for buns and thighs, right?