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my boy

1947 chevy fleetline

today is my kid's bday...i don't know how he grew up so fast. next week, he'll be getting sworn in as a shiny new lawyer—he passed the bar last month. i hope the path he has chosen doesn't beat him down, and that he doesn't mind any jokes that may come his way. now, he just has to put in his time, and continue to work hard, and he'll make his own luck.

saw this beat up fleetline at the super cruise back in february. i've just been sifting through pictures from the last couple of years, looking for something to enter in the fair, and am spotting stuff i'd forgotten about, and is tickling my eyes "to come and play with us."

the texture that is already interesting is overlaid by the shadow patterns from the fence, as the sun rises on an already warm california "winter" morning.